Vapers Among Us

When you notice someone standing on the road puffing away at their vape pen, do you stop and think for a second and say” Hey that looks cool!” So, when we see celebrities like Johnny Depp and Katy Perry doing it maybe some of us start to change our opinions. Do we know any better? Do social influences add pressure to vaping like there was to smoking?

Interesting fact, a vaporizer was given out as a gift to celebs from the 2016 Academy Awards.

Social changes to how we perceive vaping are occurring. Frankly, as our comprehension of what vaping is becomes clearer, we’re starting to put restrictions on who, how and where we could vape. Just like cigarettes. In actuality, vaping among adolescents is becoming a fad, sharing a vape is currently like sharing a cigarette — they just pass it around. Some have come to call this “Vape Culture.”


Social media also plays a major part in what we do these days — from sharing our best moments in life to possibly causing social problems. In the last few years, vaping itself has grown from only a couple of hundred individuals to thousands around the world.

Facebook once had countless vaping groups. As of late, Facebook has been cracking down on different vaping groups; it’s almost labeling vaping as something negative. On the other hand, there is a group called CASAA, with over a 1000 members that dedicate themselves to quitting vape bans, educating lawmakers and the general public.


Maybe you have heard of Comic Con and WonderCon? If so, you might be surprised to know vaping has its own conventions. Vapefest is among the most popular shows that is held around, in many cities. Another popular show is known as Electronic Cigarette Convention in the US, where manufacturers and vapers meet. The two biggest cloud chasing competitions in the US are International Cloud Championships held in California, and the World Series of Vape, organized in Las Vegas.