Cheap Vapes

A vaping industry boom of the recent years brought wider variety. It is getting more saturated with different vaping products that are of decent quality and amazingly at good and cheap prices. The rise of new brands grows healthy competition. Though it is no secret that not all vapes and equally created, and people often correlate it with prices. Having a figurative value on what a cost-effective vape is, would be hard to ascertain, anything under the $30. Or let’s say $40 mark would comfortably fall in this category, considering that there are some rather expensive vapes out there. What is considered cheap depends on each and every person’s level of experience and love for vaping. For an experienced buyer landing on a good, affordable price shouldn’t be that much hard to crack. So our list is here to show where to look for a high-quality device for cheap.

Pros and Cons of a Cheap Vape


Having a cheap vape comes with the following advantages:

It is pocket and budget-friendly.
Beginners, as well as intermediate users, would find it easy and ideal to go for.
User could try out a couple of the low-priced vaping pens, e-cigs, or mech mods and wouldn’t need to have spent too much on such trials.


Some manufacturers highly compromise the quality so knowing trusted brands may be handy otherwise, it might take time getting the right one.
With poor quality products, they can cause physical harm like burning hands or even exploding while using though in very rare cases.

How to Identify Good Cheap Vapes

Battery life

This comes as one of the most basic actors to look for. If a vaping device is cheap, you need to ensure that it has a sound battery life. No one wouldn’t want a mod that vape for like 20 minutes, it is out. Any battery above 1600 mAh should be a good deal if it falls in the cheap category. As well, it is important to know what it’s’ wattage is, in terms of producing the heat to burn dab, herb, e-liquid or other vaping materials.

Built material

The type of material used to build a vape plays a crucial role in the quality. Ideally, it should be built with pure titanium. But some are made from titanium alloy. Well, grade 1 or grade 2 titanium might not be profitable to the manufacturer and they might avoid using them if they are solely just for the profit. Probably, the safest bet is to stick to pure titanium vapes.

Atomizer built material

Knowing the components of vape atomizer is very important. This is a very great way to assess whether a cheap vape is worth it or is it just a piece of junk. Some various materials can be used including ceramics, titanium, copper, titanium alloys or quartz. Each has various advantages like ceramic atomizers are safer compared to the rest. Quartz, on the other hand, produces larger vapor hits. Titanium is great for flavors and taste and also produces some decent amount of vapor.

Where to buy cheap vape

Before buying a vape it’s essential to ensure knowing some basic information about a product’s quality. The most tricky specifications are in terms of the built-in material, battery life as well as the atomizer or any other attachments needed to accompany it. Once knowing what to look for, there are various places to hunt for a cheap vape:

Online vape stores

Various manufacturers’ websites have amazing products. Popular online sources and communities have massive deals. Taking advantage of them can be a great option. In addition, most vendors offer special coupons, cost-effective kits or shipping offers. Thus, to find the best price check online prices, vape reviews and make a conscious decision.

Local Vape Shops

One of the places that assures of a great bargain is a specialised vape shop. It is important to identify a trusted seller when buying. Also, make some research about the product that you are buying, check out best vapes and box mods reviews and guides online.

Best cheap vape brands


SMOK produces a wide variety and series of decent and high-quality products. Getting a SMOK box mod or mech mod would be a great bargain. For sure, SMOK vape pen 22 is a great choice for any beginner out there. It has a great design shape and a pretty decent battery life.


This is another vape brand that assures great quality in their products. Though most of their products are on the $80 range and above, there is some of its merchandise that can fall on the $35 and below, and landing on a great deal or sale, you would get a $30 device. The KandyPens Slim Vaporizer and KandyPens K-Stick Supreme Vaporizer are both at $35 at various online stores and they would be a good start for any beginner or intermediate user.


Innokin has a great reputation for producing quality and class in a bundle of pocket-friendly products. Most of its products will suit many users and you will find even more experienced vapers recommending it. Though one of its best creation that enhances the vaping experience is its iTaste SmartBox iSub V. It is a box mod that is powered by a one removable 18650 battery. It is a good choice and comes with a spill-proof reservoir that makes it easy to replace the coil.

There are various other brands not known but will offer very good and reliable cheap e-cigs that are of high quality.

Saving on vaping Is Easier Now

Dreaming for the right vape or a good deal, be ready to shop around.

No need to get numerous devices or going through each and every store and leaving every stone turned. Know some factors before the actual purchase. Find the vape pen or box mod that works best with e-liquids or dry herbs, or find the brand and exact type of vape to start the hunt for the best deal.

All in all, landing on a good deal and a great product, make sure not to compromise on quality for it to qualify as a cheap vape or even affordable e-juices.